A guide to Naked


I'm buying a car. Does getting Naked make it easier?

Absolutely! With Naked's streamlined, simple, online process, insuring your new car is quick and hassle-free. You can get a quote, customise your cover, activate your policy and even generate and mail proof of cover to your finance house all on the app making the car-buying experience a lot smoother.

Is Naked accepted by banks/finance houses/dealers?

Yes, all the big banks accept Naked’s cover. When you take out a car loan, you need comprehensive car insurance. That’s exactly what Naked offers. Since the bank or lender kinda “owns” your car during the loan, you need to list them in the insurance policy. No sweat – in the Naked app, you can add your bank or lender’s name and send them your confirmation of your cover with just a tap.

Does my insurance premium decrease with my car value?

Here's the thing: cars lose value over time, but repair costs can climb due to inflation. So while it might seem logical to pay less over time, the cost to keep you covered properly might need to adjust slightly upwards instead.

How does car insurance work?

Car insurance is your shield against the financial loss you might suffer when not-so-great things happen — think damage, theft, or being on the hook for someone else's repairs, if you drive into them. It's all about keeping you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about car insurance.

Where do I get help if I am stuck?

Stuck? No problem. Hit the '?' in our app or send an email to help@naked.insure. Our team is always here to help.

I'm moving. How do I change my home address on my policy?

Just hop onto the app, tap on the item you'd like to change the address of, tap on 'Details', scroll to the bottom and update your address!

What happens if I miss a payment?

We'll try to collect again throughout the month. Or, you can initiate the payment in the app when ready. Just remember, there's a 28-day window to settle up. If it's not settled within this period, your policy will be cancelled.

I need confirmation of my cover. Where do I get it?

Straight from our app. Find your car, scroll down to 'Confirmation of Cover', and tap. Proof of your insurance will be mailed to your chosen email, instantly.

Do I need to take my car somewhere for an inspection?

No! That’s the beauty of Naked. You hop onto the app, do your selfie and our team will let you know if we need anything else.

What qualifies as a roadside emergency?

If you run out of fuel, lock your keys in the boot or have a flat tyre that leaves you and your car stranded, we are here to help! To see what else qualifies as a roadside emergency please take a look here. Remember, you can get hold of the emergency services via the Naked app, simply tap on the ⚠.

How do I take my selfie?

Download our app, select your car, and hit 'Go' for the selfie. Rose, our chatbot, will then tell you step-by step what to do.

Am I covered for business use when I drive my car?

If you told Rose during the quoting process that your car is an essential part of doing your job other than driving to and from work, it's covered for business use. But remember, commercial use (like using it as a paying taxi or for transporting plumbing tools) isn't. If you use your car for other reasons than what you originally told us, have a quick chat with Rose under the details tab of your car on the Naked app! It only takes two ticks and then you can be sure that you're fully covered.
Check out this blog where we let you know when you might want to consider commercial insurance for your car.

What are ‘Extras’ and are they covered?

Extras are those personal touches you add to your car—sound systems, sunroofs, tow bars, you name it. Just list them in the app to ensure they're covered. To cover your extras you need to specify them on the app at purchase or afterwards. If you're not sure whether you've already informed us about the extra fittings on your car, just hop onto the Naked app and check your car details. You can then add the extras directly on the app if they're not there.

Can I insure a car if I’m not the regular driver?

Remember, they must have a valid driving licence. If the regular driver changes, simply update this information in the app, under the “Details” tab of your car, to remain fully covered.

What is comprehensive car insurance vs third-party insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance provides you with broad coverage. It provides financial protection for accidental damage to your car, covers damage you and your car may cause to others' cars or property, and includes protection against theft, vandalism, fire and damage from natural disasters.
On the other hand, third-party liability insurance is more limited and only covers you for damage you and your car may cause to other people's cars or property, and does not cover damage to your car.

How much is my car insured for?

We insure your car for its retail value the price it could fetch at a dealership, giving you the maximum coverage possible. Some insurers insure their customers’ cars for market value (less than retail value) or trade-in value (less than market value).

When do you pay excess on car insurance?

Your excess is the amount you contribute out of your pocket towards the total cost of your claim. In simpler terms, it's the portion you pay yourself when making a claim. Even if the accident wasn't your fault, you'll still need to pay your excess. However, if it wasn’t your fault, we will do everything in our power to get it back from the guilty party on your behalf For more info check out Car insurance excess: Everything you need to know

Does Naked have any additional excesses?

Nope, we keep it simple. The excess you choose is what you pay, with no hidden surprises.

How do excesses work on glass claims?

For glass claims under R2,000, there's no excess. Between R2,000 and R3,000, you pay the difference over R2,000. Over R3,000? The excess is R1,000.

What is CoverPause?

CoverPause® lets you pause accident cover when you're not driving, slashing your premium by up to 50% while still covering theft, hail, and more. Ready to drive? Resume your accident cover in the app.

How does CoverPause billing work?

CoverPause® lets you adjust your car insurance to fit how often you actually drive. Here’s how it affects your bills, step by step:

  • Monthly premium collection: We check your cover level on your billing date. If your cover isn't paused, we collect the full amount for the month.
  • Using CoverPause®: If you decide not to drive and pause your cover, we note how long it's paused. Depending on the length of the pause:
    • Get savings now: If pausing means you owe less for that month, we might give you a refund or lower your bill right after you unpause.
    • Lower bill next month: If you've saved money by pausing, your next month’s premium could be less, reflecting the time your cover was paused.

Have a look here for more info.