A guide to Naked


How much building cover should I buy?

Think of insurance not in terms of what you paid for your home, but what it would cost to rebuild it from scratch today. This includes the bricks and mortar of your house, as well as any outbuildings and permanent fixtures. And don't forget, you'll need to cover the cost of clearing the site and any council fees, which could add another 20-30% to the rebuild cost.

I've spruced up my place; do I need to update my cover?

Absolutely! If you've added value to your home through renovations, it's important to adjust your insured amount. This ensures your new bits and bobs are fully covered, including the costs of labour, materials, and clearing the site.

Can I still insure my home if I rent out a part of it?

Sure thing! You're covered with Naked if you're into long-term letting. But heads up, we can't cover short-term stays like Airbnb or business rentals.

What if my home is under a mortgage? Can I switch to Naked?

For sure! We can also help you with that. Just pop through the details of your current insurer and your facility number through to help@naked.insure and we’ll help with the switcheroo.

Emergency situations: What to do and who to call?

Our app is equipped with an emergency button⚠ for 24/7 assistance. Whether it's a plumbing crisis or a broken window, help is just a tap away.

What counts as a 'home emergency'?

Anything that puts your home at risk of damage or theft under your Naked policy qualifies. If your geyser turns into a fountain at midnight, we're your go-to. The app is your direct line to us, so don't hesitate to use it.

The bank's asking for proof of insurance. How do I provide it?

Easy-peasy. Open the Naked app, find your home's profile, and scroll down for the confirmation of cover option. Follow the simple steps, and you'll have an email with all the details in no time.

Is my geyser covered?

Yes, your policy covers water damage from geysers gone wild, but the geyser itself is only covered if you've opted for the geyser boost via our app.

I just got a solar system installed, is it covered?

To keep your solar system protected, just update your insured amount to include the total cost of the system and installation. Check out our article for more details on how to cover your solar panels properly.

Who does personal liability cover under my home policy?

Your policy extends to you, your significant other, and any dependents living with you, including up to R10,000 cover for your domestic workers. It's all about keeping the whole family safe.

What kinds of things does my building insurance cover?

From theft and fire to floods and more, your building is protected against a wide range of incidents. You can also lump in your home contents for a comprehensive shield, just make sure to specify high-value portable items.

How can I increase/decrease my cover?

Definitely. A quick visit to our app, tap on your home's profile, and you can tweak your insured amount right there. Tailor your cover to fit your life as it evolves.

If my dog bites someone, am I covered?

Yes, you're covered. If your furry friend gets a bit too enthusiastic, your personal liability cover includes incidents like these.

Does Naked have any additional excesses?

Nope, we like to keep things simple and transparent. The excess you choose is what you pay — no hidden surprises.

When do I have to pay my excess?

Your excess is due when you make a claim. It's the agreed amount you pay towards the cost of the claim, and we take care of the rest up to your coverage limit.

What does one flat excess mean?

"One flat excess" means the amount you pay in the event of a claim is straightforward and consistent, regardless of the type or number of items claimed. It's all about making things easier and clearer for you.

Can I change my excess amount after the policy has started?

Certainly! Life changes, and so can your excess. Just jump into the app, select your policy, and adjust your excess amount to better suit your current situation.