**Cell phone** Insurance

Cell phone Insurance

Life’s full of surprises, but if you didn’t snap it, did it even happen? Naked can get you back to capturing those moments in no time.

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What does phone insurance cover?

Theft and loss

Pocket picked? Relax, we're here to help you get your digital bestie back.

Accidental damage

Dropped your phone and cracked the screen? It happens to the best of us, and yes, we cover that!

Anywhere in the world

Whether you’re making memories in Milan or taking calls in Turkey, your phone’s protected, worldwide.

How do I insure my phone?

Chat with Rose, our virtual assistant, to get a personalized phone insurance quote.

Get a price in 15 seconds

Pop online, answer a few questions, and you’re halfway there.

Customise your insurance excess for your phone cover

Customise your quote

Pick your excess, choose your policy start date – set it all up in a few clicks.

Get cover instantly after supplying your card details and making the final purchase.

Get covered instantly

Like what you see? Enter your payment details, and presto, your phone’s covered instantly!

Get my phone insurance price

Some quick FAQs about cell phone insurance

How much does cell phone insurance cost?

The cost to insure your phone depends on your phone’s make, how much it costs to replace and a few factors specific to you. Get an online quote in as little as 30 seconds – no need to ring us up.

Do we need an invoice for your phone?

Although we will need it if you submit a claim, it is not a specific requirement when you take out a policy with us. To make the claims process easier, why not load it on the app while you're doing your selfie. after you're covered.

How much coverage do you need for your phone?

If you’re insuring a new phone, this part is easy! Just check your receipt to see how much you paid or take a peek at takealot.com to find the current price — make sure to match the right model and storage capacity. This is typically the amount you’d insure your phone for. If your model no longer exists, insure it for the value of the next model up.

Curious for more? Dive into our detailed guide to cell phone insurance for all the ins and outs. Dive into our detailed guide to cell phone insurance for all the ins and outs.