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Get your car insurance online. Zero calls, zero hassle.

Insured for your car’s retail value

That’s the highest value any insurer pays out if your car is stolen or written off.

One, flat insurance excess

Choose your excess on the app and pay only that when you claim. For some glass claims, you might not have to pay any excess at all.

Instant proof of insurance on the app

Buying a car? Send proof of insurance from the dealership floor to your finance house.

Our car insurance gets rave reviews

Don’t just take our word for it; check out why people think Naked is the best car insurance in South Africa.

I submitted a windscreen claim with @NakedCover_SA at 21:35 tonight and exactly at 22:10 I received an email confirming that my claim has been approved. 🙌🏿🙌🏿 Top service.


The best move I did for myself was moving my car and phone insurance to @NakedCover_SA last week. I paused my comprehensive car insurance because I was out of the province. When I came back I resumed my comprehensive car cover then walla Rose from Naked sent me an email saying that I’ve been refunded!


@NakedCover_SA is the best. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with them paying for claims. If you’re looking for awesome, affordable insurance, Naked is the way to go. My windscreen cracked due to a rock on the highway on a Friday afternoon. I submitted a claim when I got home, on Monday the windscreen was replaced at my place of work. I am sooo happy with Naked


Naked just saved me huge amounts of money on my car insurance compared to the other option I had. Even as a new driver! This is not an ad – just my view.


Naked – best Insurance in SA

Naked is value for money, and their claims process is a breeze, whether you’ve locked your keys in your car or need to replace glass, the added car hire is the bomb when you are left stranded due to an accident, their staff are friendly and efficient, I recommend Naked to everyone I come across. Including my family and friends. Well done. 100 stars 🌟


Quick and efficient claims process

I was involved in a car accident on the evening of 8 January and my car was not drivable from the scene. I submitted a claim on the spot and the process was seamless, from getting my vehicle towed to getting my car hire. My car was eventually written off and Naked was quick in communicating this with me and arranging a fair settlement with me. Thank you Team Naked and Tshiamo for your seamless service. I would highly recommend Naked as an insurer.

Lesedi K

Best insurance ever

I’ve been with them for nearly 4 years. I’ve had 3 claims and I’ve never had a day’s trouble. I reversed into a tree once, I reversed into another car on another occasion and a petrol attendant put the wrong fuel on another occasion and all claims were seen without any hesitation. Excellent service.


Best insurance ever! The app and overall communication is so easy, transparent, reliable and without frills. I seamlessly added my new car to my account in order to be able to send proof of insurance to the dealer, and when I removed the vehicle I sold, which I was able to do in seconds, I received a pro-rata refund for the insurance I’ve paid for the month. Thank you, team Naked, for making insurance a joy to work with!

Nina Booysen

Great service. I was able to create a profile within minutes using my phone to insure my car. As easy as taking a few photos. No lengthy paperwork, no waiting period. Very happy with their efficiency and customer service. No long queues for the call-centre, simple chat box in the app.

Luca John

Started with a quote for a vehicle I loved and cherished more than anything else. A quote so simply obtained, that the artificial intelligence behind the entire corporation just blew my mind away. The entire onboarding on my vehicle under comprehensive insurance was smooth and hassle free. With a quote that knocked all other short term insurers out of the park. I am grateful to have experienced such great service all round. Sold my car and now the cancellation process is equally smooth with an email to advise on a refund as well. Thank you Naked and your team!

Muhammad Manuel

Seamless and

hassle-free claims

Our tech handles claims in record time and our friendly team will be with you every step of the way.

Save up to 50%
with CoverPause

Use CoverPause® to save up to 50% by pausing your accident cover on the app. You’ll still be covered for theft, damage caused by nature and other stationary risks.

Check out these actual CoverPause savings

Photo of Susan who saved R23374 using Cover Pause feature

“Planning ahead is important. We try to do our work errands and grocery shopping on the same days, and if we can, use the same car, so the other stays paused.”

Susan Jordaan
Photo of Renaldo who saved R21033 using Cover Pause feature

“I only drive to the office 3 days a week and my wife works from home on Mondays and Fridays, so we both use Coverpause for about 3 or 4 days a week.”

Renaldo de Gouveia
Photo of Hlayisani who saved R28931 using Cover Pause feature

“I’ve been working from home since Covid, so I keep my car paused most of the time. On weekends, we’ll mostly use my girlfriend’s car or catch a ride with friends.”

Hlayisani Rudolph
Photo of Christo who saved R45408 using Cover Pause feature

“I only switch on my Land Rover’s accident cover when we go to the bush. By simply pressing one button on the app I save a lot of money”

Christo van Heerden

What does Naked car insurance cover, exactly?

Accidents and write-offs

Accident cover for everything from a ding to a total wreck.

Car theft and hijacking

Quick claims and support to get you back on track ASAP.

Damage caused by nature

From hail to floods, whatever the weather, we’ve got it covered.

Third-party insurance

If a third party sues you for damages, we’ll take care of it.

24/7 Roadside assistance

Flat tyres or empty tanks, our team is always ready to help.

Only want third-party insurance
from R70pm?

Get up to R10-million third party liability insurance from just R70pm. For when you accidentally bump into another car at the shops.

Get your car insurance quote and buy in under 3 minutes.

Chat with Rose, our virtual assistant, to get a personalized car insurance quote.

Get your final car insurance quote online

Answer a few easy questions online and we’ll give you a final quote on the spot – no phone calls. No hassle.

Customise your insurance excess and additional options for your car coverage.

Customise your quote

Choose your excess and start date. Add car rental, credit shortfall cover, and even insure extra items like that fancy sound system – all in our app.

Enter your payment details to complete the purchase of your insurance.

Buy car insurance instantly

If you’re happy with the price, enter your card details and get your car insured on the spot. If you’ve chosen a future start date, you’ll only start paying then.

Questions about
our car insurance?

If you still want to know more, dive into our car insurance guide.

What does my car insurance cover?
Video explaining what is covered with a Naked car insurance policy
What car insurance add-ons are there?

With Naked you can tailor your car insurance with extra cover options to suit your needs. Credit shortfall cover is a biggie — it steps in if your car's written off and the payout doesn't cover your loan balance. Fancy extras like tow bars and high-end sound systems can also be covered, ensuring your personalised touches are protected. And for those times your car's in the shop, car hire cover keeps you on the move without missing a beat. These add-ons make sure your insurance fits your life just right. You can add this extra cover right on the app.

What is credit shortfall?
Video explaining the concept of credit shortfall
Third party vs comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance provides you with broad coverage. It provides financial protection for damage to your car, covers damage you may cause to others' cars or property, and includes protection against theft, vandalism, and damage from natural disasters.

On the other hand, third-party liability insurance is more limited and only covers you for damage you may cause to other people's cars or property and does not cover damage to your car.

How much does car insurance cost?
Explainer video with information on how to get a car insurance quote with Naked
Can I buy car insurance online?

Yes! Buying car insurance online is not only possible but also super convenient. And with us, it's as easy as pie. Head over to our website or app, and in just 90 seconds, you can get a final quote tailored just for you. Like what you see? You can buy on the spot — no fuss with phone calls or drowning in paperwork. The premium we quote is exactly what you'll pay. It's car insurance made simple, fast, and clear, so you can get covered and get on with your day.

Is the online quote final, or do I still need to speak to someone?

The online quote we give you is as final as it gets — no need to chat with anyone unless you want to. We've made sure that getting your car insurance sorted is as easy and straightforward as possible. Just enter your details on our website or app, and you'll get a quote that's ready to go. It's all about making insurance simple and hassle-free.

Is Naked’s car insurance accepted by banks/finance houses/dealers?

Absolutely! All the major banks accept Naked's cover. When you're financing your car, comprehensive insurance isn't just a good idea — it's a must, and that's exactly what we offer. Plus, adding your bank or lender to your policy is a piece of cake with our app. Just a few taps and you can send them proof of your cover, ensuring everything's squared away.

How do I claim on my car insurance?
Video explaining how one can claim on car insurance with Naked
Can I insure a car if I’m not the regular driver?

Yes, you can insure a car even if you don't typically drive it. However, it's important to let us know who the regular driver is when you set up your policy. You can do this when you’re answering our questions during quoting or if you’ve already bought cover, you can change the regular driver on the app.

What value is my car insured for?

Your car is insured for its retail value. This means we cover your car for the price it would sell for at a dealership at the time of the claim, taking into account factors like make, model, age, and condition. Insuring your car at its retail value ensures that you're adequately covered, so you can replace it with a similar vehicle without any financial strain if the need arises.

What happens if I’m in an accident?

Getting into an accident can be very traumatic. Make sure everyone is safe and call emergency services if needed. Exchange details with the other driver — names, addresses, and insurance information. Take photos of the scene and any damage if you can. Then, submit a claim on the Naked app as soon as possible to start the claims process.

When do you pay excess for car insurance?
Explainer video illustrating when a customer pays excess for car insurance
More car insurance FAQs