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Stephan M on Hellopeter

08 Oct 2021

I had to buy a new car after my previous car was stolen and decided on Naked Insurance because they gave me the best quote and I have heard some good things. I got the insured in the morning, but only got my new car at 16:00. I went to buy some groceries and then at around 19:00 a box or something fell off a truck and slid in front of me. There was some damage on my car that I have only had for about 3 hours. I used the app to put in a claim and was happy that everything was sorted out by Naked. I hope I will never have a issue like this again, but if I do I hope Naked will handle it the same. Thank you Naked.

Mukundi D on Hellopeter

07 Oct 2021

I am so impressed with naked insurance the way they handled my claim was quick and efficient, I took cover for my phone and i lost it most insurers would have declined my claim however Naked approved it and i got a replacement device so fast i would urge and advise people to join Naked for the added peace of mind. I was never a believer in insurance however naked changed my perceptions on this

Stephanie S on Hellopeter

06 Oct 2021

What an incredibly customer-friendly team and product. Not only was it effortless but it was efficient! No telesales, just an online quote within seconds and then you can manage your policy from the comfort of your mobile. So impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone who needs insurance.

Rodney W on Hellopeter

01 Oct 2021

The claims process was as easy as taking a picture of the damage via the app. Windscreen guys were dispatched and replaced it at my home. THIS IS HOW INSURANCE SHOULD BE!!! You take my premium and hassles free claim submission via the app. No 300 phone calls and dealing with call centres that employ *****es and that have to transfer your request from one department to the next. We are not interested in how your companies work internally. We pay so that we can claim hassle free without taking up our valuable time on ****py processes. GREAT IDEA whomever started NAKED INSURANCE. Keep it up!

Sharinha G on Hellopeter

27 Sep 2021

Love the service. I could not start my journey with them as there was an issue collecting my premium from my bank. I mailed Naked and without any fuss the pending premium was canceled and my start date updated. Such an efficient company. Try them.

Christelle B on Hellopeter

22 Sep 2021

Excellent service. Easily accessible. Great claims handling. Prompt response. Effective and efficient communication. Affordable rates. I am an extremely satisfied customer, from quote to claim stage, everything was handled perfectly. Thank you Team Naked

Nicola N on Hellopeter

15 Sep 2021

I had been with Naked insurance for less than 3 months. On my way home from work a lady went through a stop street I hit the corner of her head on with mine. I had to be taken to hospital as I had a broken wrist. My partner started the claims process for me. Not once did I have an issue. Unfortunately the damage to my car caused it to be a write off. The claims process was easy and simple. When i purchase a new car they will be the only insurer I will use. Amazing team that cares about their clients.

Solo J on Hellopeter

12 Sep 2021

New to Naked (I love industry disruptors), but am very pleased with them. Their replies to email and message queries are instant (how unbelievably refreshing) and thorough, their platform is user-friendly and their prices just remarkable! Many good things to say about Naked.

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The Naked Difference ensures that when claims are lower than expected, we don't benefit - communities do.

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We use automated AI rather than call centres or brokers to run and manage your policy, which costs us less and translates into lower premiums for you. Don't forget we take a low fixed fee, and Naked OnePrice ensures we'll never charge you more than we should. Overall this means your Naked price could be considerably lower than what you would pay elsewhere. But why take our word for it? It only takes 90 seconds to a get a final price.

Naked is backed by Hollard Insurance, one of the largest short-term insurers in South Africa. They guarantee that all valid claims will be paid. Naked Insurance is also covered by reinsurance with international reinsurers like Munich Re and Scor Re, ensuring that even if disaster strikes - like a hailstorm or a fire - you will be fully covered.

Via our app :-). If you have an emergency, the app will help you to call for help. For normal claims, Jade, our Naked claims bot guides you through the simple process and will ask you some questions. He can approve some claims instantly; for others, someone will call you back to get more detail.

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