Smart, instant contents insurance

Underwritten by Hollard

Full coverage at home or away

Cover at your home and everywhere else you might take your stuff.

SA and worldwide

Remain covered for up to six months while travelling anywhere in the world.

R5 million liability cover

For when you damage other people's stuff or your dog bites the neighbour.

Comprehensive coverage

Thefts, accidents, burst geysers, fires, floods or whatever else Mother Nature throws at you are covered by our home contents insurance. Find the full details in our policy wording.

24/7 Emergency assistance

1:00am? Home emergency with a burst pipe flooding the living room? We'll help you to organise the plumber.

Locks and keys

Lost or damaged keys and remotes, or if you suspect a bad guy has made duplicates — we'll help you replace them.

Security after event

We can help with an emergency security guard while you wait for your windows to be fixed.

Simple steps. Instant insurance.

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Tell us where you live and get your final price without a call centre

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Customise your quote

Choose your excess and start date. Add cover for your portable items over R5,000.

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Get covered instantly

Like the low price? Add your card details to activate your cover instantly (or choose a future start date).


Let’s help you cancel your existing policy

We know it's a hassle, so let us help you cancel your current insurance policy.

car and contents covered

What else can be Naked?

Read more about car insurance, insurance for your house, or single item insurance.


You are covered against loss or damage caused directly by:

  • Fire, lightning and explosion
  • Weather, including storms, wind, snow, rain, hail or floods
  • Leaking or overflowing of water from geysers, tanks, pipes or gutters
  • Earthquakes, impact with the home by external forces, for example a vehicle.
  • Theft or attempted theft, malicious damage.
  • Non-moisture related subsidence.
Items that have been specified individually are covered for accidental damage and loss (a sudden, unforeseen event that is not deliberate or as a result of unreasonable negligence).

Items which you have specified individually are covered everywhere up to the value you specified. However, if you have not specified an item individually it is covered up to a maximum of R5,000 per item when it is not at home, with a limit for one event not at your home being 20% of your insured home contents value.

Look at all your possessions inside your home and outbuildings, but not the permanent fixtures that form part of the building. Then determine the value of replacing all of these items.

Please remember to include your store rooms, outside rooms, garage and your helper’s room. Do not include items that do not belong to you or your immediate family who live with you.

Via our app, where Jade, our Naked claims bot, will guide you through the simple process. If you have an emergency, also just pop onto the app where you can call for help by clicking on the appropriate emergency button.