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Excellent Service

I had an unfortunate break-in at my home in November last year. I had Darren Sachin Pillay assist from day 1, always keeping in contact and up to date with my claim process. He was awesome and so was Naked. Everything was very efficient and professionally done. Well done.


@NakedCover_SA thank you to the Naked team for the outstanding service regarding my recent claim. Hassle-free and top-notch customer service. You are the best!


Guys I think we can all agree that Naked is the best insurance out there🥺 wow. Please hey.


Great Service from Naked

I am very happy with the decision I made to switch to Naked a few years ago for my home insurance. My water heater packed up and the claims process was seamless and efficient. Darren picked up my claim timeously and got the wheels turning. I am also impressed with the plumber they contracted to me. Absolutely top shelf. Thank you to all involved.

Welile C

I am very impressed with Naked. My home contents claim was approved within two weeks, no hassle, no pain. Everything done online, easy process to follow. I would recommend them to everyone.

Michelle M

Amazing service

Absolutely amazing service received from Darren. Overall, I’m very pleased with Naked and the response time, feedback and payment all done timeously. I would definitely recommend Naked. I have insurance for my new home with Naked as well.


Robbery victim

I've tried different insurance companies over the years, each with its own thing. However Naked was just pure convenience with excellent pricing. When I eventually did have a claim, after a terrible robbery at home, there was no trauma from Naked - they were the one thing that remained comforting, even when the security gates failed. Everything was resolved in a few days. I will remain with Naked going forward and already insured the replacement items with them.

George Ivor B. Kahn

Naked home contents insurance: A hassle-free experience

Signing up for home contents insurance with Naked was quick and effortless. There are no forms or phone calls, just an app that is simple and intuitive, unlike those of its slow-moving, overdressed competitors. Plus, their prices undercut the quotes I got from other insurers. I've yet to make any claims but given the experience so far, I imagine the process would be straightforward. I had one question about how coverage for portable items worked, and the customer service rep I contacted through the app was friendly and informed. You can also change and download your policy details through the app. Overall, Naked seems to have stripped away the unnecessary, leaving just the essentials: protection and simplicity.

Lasse H

Best service😉

We moved into a new area without security (we used to live in a 24/7 security complex). We had a break-in where they stole a few of our personal belongings. Naked did their assessment after we filed a report at the police station. The consultant dealing with our always contacted us with updates. Today we received our payout letter and we expect to get paid and have all our items replaced in the coming days. I recommend Naked to everyone, their service is amazing and they understand your situation when dealing with loss. Thank you guys. I appreciate being Naked, knowing my house, and car are covered by the best.

Mutaaz Aspeling

Customer Service

I have had vehicle insurance with Naked for almost 2 years and within that time whenever I requested roadside assistance, they were only a call away. Naked will never leave you stranded. To amaze me even more with my home contents insurance, my daughter's cellphone fell out of her bag and cracked, which resulted in the phone not working. I logged a claim about a week ago and it was finalised within 4 days! That is just the greatest insurance experience I’ve had! Everything gets done paperless, no worries. I have already referred friends and colleagues to this great company! 10 of 10 for Naked!

Antz P

Still the best insurer in town for all you needs (Car, home contents and building)

I have only had wonderful experiences each time I have had an unfortunate event. From accident claims in the past to home content claims. Team Naked has come through and passed the test 110/100 each time. Why waste your airtime and your time in phone calls trying to explain and follow up? Rather join the future and log everything on the app. Convenience is at the heart of Naked.

Ntokozo M

Naked - An absolute game changer

Naked is an absolute game changer. They make cars, homes, buildings and single items easy, and affordable to insure. There is no mess, no fuss, just plain quality. Nothing is hidden, everything is transparent. Their staff is quick to respond to queries via the app, and even more professional when talking to them telephonically. A special mention to Karabo, who took time on a public holiday to answer my query. You guys are amazing, and we the consumer get such a fair deal and peace of mind knowing that Naked is backed by Hollard.

Leon M

What's covered by your home contents insurance?

Theft and burglary

If there’s a brazen break-in and your stuff gets stolen, you’re protected.

Natural disasters

From thunderous storms to unexpected floods, we’re there to cover your stuff.

Fire & smoke damage

If things get too hot to handle because of fire, we’ve got your back.

Water damage

We’ll clean up the mess that comes from leaky pipes and burst geysers.

Liability cover

Cover for if your dog bites someone, or someone trips in your home and sues you.

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Enter your payment details to complete the purchase of your insurance.

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24/7 Emergency support

Need a plumber, locksmith or electrician? Our emergency support team is on standby to help you out.

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Questions about
contents insurance?

If you still want to know more, dive into our home contents insurance guide.

How much does home contents insurance cost?

The cost of home contents insurance varies depending on a few factors, like where you live, how much stuff you've got, and the level of cover you choose. Think of it like shopping for a custom suit; the price changes based on the material (your belongings), the size (your coverage), and any extra embellishments (added coverages).

How much home contents insurance should I have?

Ideally, your home contents insurance should cover the total cost of replacing all your belongings as if they were new. It's not about how much you paid for them, but what it would cost to buy everything brand new today. This includes everything from your sofa and clothes to your gadgets and kitchenware. Doing a room-by-room inventory can help you nail down a figure that doesn't leave you short-changed if you ever need to claim.

Is it worth claiming on home contents insurance?
Explainer video for whether it's worth claiming on home contents insurance
What does household insurance cover?

Home contents insurance covers all the personal belongings in your home against theft, loss, and damage. This includes furniture, electronics, clothing, and even some personal items you might carry outside, like your sunglasses or laptop. Cover also extends to events like fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. It’s best to read the policy wording to understand what’s covered and what’s not.

Is it worth claiming on home contents insurance?

It can be worth it if the cost of replacing your items out-of-pocket is more than the excess you'd pay to make a claim. Say your TV gets nicked, and it's going to cost a lot more to replace it than the excess you chose, then, yes, claiming makes sense. But if the cost is about the same, it might be worth thinking twice.

Is home insurance different from contents insurance?
Video explaining how home insurance is different from contents insurance
Does home contents insurance cover TV damage?

With Naked, your TV is covered for risks like theft, fire, or a power surge. However, for accidental damage coverage, such as your TV being knocked over, it must be specified under items valued over R5,000 in your policy. Please note that wear and tear are not covered. It's important to check out the policy wording to fully understand what’s covered.

Does home contents insurance cover leaks?

Yes, contents insurance often covers damage to your belongings caused by leaks, like a burst pipe ruining your fancy rug. However, the source of the leak itself might fall under buildings insurance. It's important to have both coverages to fully protect your home and belongings.

Does household insurance cover appliances?

Generally, yes. Household insurance usually covers appliances against risks like fire, theft, and accidental damage, depending on your policy. So, if your fridge decides to stop chilling or your washing machine goes on the fritz because of a covered event, you should be able to claim.

Does household insurance cover mobile phones?

Yes, Naked's home contents insurance can cover your mobile phone for accidental damage, theft, or loss, both at home and when you're out and about. However, for your phone to be fully covered, especially for accidental damage and for its full value outside your home, it needs to be specified under easily portable items in your policy.

Am I covered while moving house?

With our home contents insurance, your specified items have comprehensive coverage for their full specified value during the moving process.

All your other items will be covered up to 20% of your contents sum insured if they are damaged due to a car accident involving the moving truck or fire, explosion, or lightning while they are being relocated.

Is my stuff covered if my geyser bursts?

Yes, rest easy knowing cover extends to water damage from geysers, tanks, or pipes. We're all about protecting your belongings from unexpected mishaps.

P.S. The actual geyser isn’t covered as it’s a permanent fixture, which is covered by your building insurance.

Here’s a handy blog on who is responsible for what when it comes to renting a place.

More home contents FAQs