A guide to Naked

Home contents

Where do I get help in case of an emergency?

In an emergency, just hit the emergency button ⚠ and voila, instant connection to the help you need, any time of the day or night. Or you can call for help via +27 (11) 246-2147.

How much do I insure my contents for?

Start by taking a room-by-room inventory of your prized possessions, noting down the replacement costs, not what you paid back in the day. The smaller items? Estimate them at about 20-30% of the high-value items in the room. Add up these amounts across your space, adding an extra R50,000 cushion for the new purchases you'll make throughout the year.

Dive deeper with our handy guide.

What qualifies as a home emergency?

Imagine any scenario where your belongings are at risk of damage or theft and that's where we step in. Burst geyser causing an indoor flood? That's a definite emergency. Our app's got a direct line for these moments.

Remember, you can get hold of the emergency services via the Naked app or call for help at +27 (11) 246-2147.

Can I insure my stuff if I live with my parents?

Absolutely. If you've got gear like furniture or electronics in the family home, you can buy home contents cover. Got a prized laptop or phone? Our Single Item cover might just be what you need.

Can I get Naked cover if I rent out part of my home?

If you do long-term rentals, you can buy a policy with us. Unfortunately, you cannot insure your stuff if you offer short-term rentals like an Airbnb or if you rent out your property for business.

I'm moving. How do I change my home address on my policy?

Changes on the horizon? Reach out, and we'll help you update your policy to keep your cover in place. P.S. moving might affect your premium.

Am I covered for accidental damage?

At Naked, we've got you covered for all things home-related, from bad weather to theft and fire. However, accidental damage caused by you or anyone living in your house isn't covered unless the item is specifically listed under the 'Items over R5,000' on your policy.

Is my stuff only covered at home?

Absolutely, but there's a cap. Items that are specified on your policy are fully covered, no matter where they roam. For everything else, coverage per item is limited to R5,000 outside your home, with a single event limit.

Are other people I live with covered under my policy?

Your family and partner? Covered. Flatmates? They'll need their own policy. And don't forget your domestic workers; they’re covered up to R10,000.

Are my contents covered if the geyser bursts?

Water damage from geysers is covered, safeguarding your belongings. The geyser itself, though, is a task for your building insurance (or your landlord’s.)

Here’s a handy blog on who is responsible for what when it comes to renting a place.

Am I covered while moving house?

Your specified items have comprehensive coverage for their full specified value during the moving process. All your other items will be covered, but limited for total damage not exceeding 20% of your contents sum insured if they are damaged due to a car accident involving the moving truck or fire, explosion, or lightning while they are being relocated. No items (even your specified items) are covered for theft or attempted theft while they are being transported by road to a new permanent address.

Who does personal liability cover under my home policy?

You, your partner, as well as immediate family members who are financially dependent on you and who also live with you.

What should I specify under items over R5,000?

Anything portable and pricey (more than R5,000 to replace) needs specifying. Think jewellery, gadgets, and sporting equipment.

Heads-up: if you don't specify an item, it will be covered for a maximum value of R5,000 per portable item (and it won’t be covered for accidental damage).

What does easily portable mean?

If you can pick it up and walk out the door with it, it's portable. This covers a range of items from tech gadgets to jewellery and sports equipment.

Do I need to send through invoices or valuation certificates when specifying portable items?

Hold onto those receipts and valuation certificates for when you need to make a claim. While not needed upfront, sending them over after you've secured your policy could smooth the claims process.

Does Naked have any additional excesses?

Nope, no surprises here. The excess you pick is what you pay, clear and simple.

When do I have to pay my excess?

Your excess is due when you make a claim. It's the part you contribute towards the repair or replacement of your items, keeping your premiums more affordable.