A guide to Naked


How does the Naked referral program work?

Earning with our referral program is as simple as sharing. Use the Naked app to grab your unique referral link, then spread the word through social media or WhatsApp. When someone gets their cover through your link — whether they sign up immediately or decide to join us later — you get rewarded. It's that straightforward. The initial website visit or quote needs to come from your link for the sale to be credited to you.

Where do I get my Naked referral link?

Finding your referral link couldn't be easier. Head over to 'Your Account' in the Naked app and tap on the 'Earn Cash' section. From there, you can share your link directly with friends and on your social media platforms.

How much do I get paid for referring a friend to Naked?

The amount you earn from referrals is tied to the average monthly premium of your friend(s) during their first three months with us. The more they cover, the higher your reward. For the referral reward to kick in, your friend needs to keep their Naked policy active for three months. The exact reward value is credited to your account after their first three full calendar months. For more details, check out here. For more info, take a look here.

How do I know if my friends have completed quotes on my referral link?

Curious about how your referrals are doing? Just shoot us an email at help@naked.insure, and we'll give you the lowdown on who has completed quotes using your link.