A guide to Naked

Single items

What is single item insurance?

It’s your go-to safety net for those items you can’t live without—think gadgets, instruments, and all the gear that makes your day run smoothly. Single item insurance covers theft, accidental mishaps, and those “oh no” moments of loss.

What types of items can I insure?

Most things that you hold dear and carry around, like your laptop, camera, bike, or smartphone. If it’s got value and it’s portable, we’re likely to cover it.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can insure?

Go wild—there’s no limit on the number of items. But if you’re looking to cover a whole bunch (more than 5), our home contents insurance might just be a smarter pick.

Can I insure something that I use for both personal and professional purposes?

Yes, indeed. We know that life isn’t always split into neat categories, so we cover your single items whether you use them for work, play, or a bit of both.

How do I determine the insured value of my item?

Aim for what it would cost to replace the item today (that’s the current market value). If you’re insuring something extra special, getting a valuation might be wise.

What documentation do I need to provide when insuring an item?

Typically, you'll need proof of ownership such as a purchase receipt or invoice, and in some cases, a valuation certificate for high-value items.

Can I cancel my single item insurance policy?

Absolutely. If you need to part ways with your policy, you can do so anytime through our app, hassle-free and without any cancellation fees.d

Are my items covered when I travel?

Yep, take your items around the globe with confidence. They’re covered internationally on trips up to six months.

How quickly can I get coverage after applying?

Instant gratification at its finest. Choose to start immediately or set a future date, enter your card details, and you’re covered in a snap.

What am I covered for?

From theft to accidental damage and even loss—your items are protected. Just remember, leaving your phone on the roof of your car and driving off might not be covered (negligence is a no-no).

What does 'one flat excess' mean?

Choose your excess amount at the start, and that’s the only amount you’ll pay if you ever need to claim. No surprises, just straightforward cover.

Does Naked have any additional excesses?

No sneaky extra charges here. The excess you pick is what you pay—nothing more, on any valid claim.