A guide to Naked

The Naked Difference

What is the Naked Difference?

The Naked Difference is our commitment to make insurance more than just business. Here's how it works: we take a fixed fee from the premiums you pay, and the rest goes into a pot to cover claims. If claims are lower than anticipated, instead of pocketing the difference as profit, we donate it to causes chosen by you, our clients. This approach means our earnings aren't tied to claim payouts, allowing us to focus on providing quality insurance and contributing positively to the community because we've removed any conflict of interest. It’s our way of staying transparent and ensuring we’re always on your side.

How and where do I choose a Naked Difference cause?

Selecting a cause is super easy with our app. Just look for the little person emoji at the bottom right of your home screen, tap on 'Select cause', and choose one that resonates with you. It’s a chance to support what matters to you most without any extra cost.

How often can I change my cause?

You’re welcome to change the cause you support once every year, in April. Feel a shift in what you care about? Just send us an email at help@naked.insure, and we’ll help you make the switch. Your choice directly supports what’s close to your heart.

Why does the payment amount differ each year?

The contribution to the Naked Difference varies annually because it’s dependent on the total number of claims we process in a year. More claims, particularly in years with more natural disasters, could mean less surplus for the Naked Difference. But our dedication to making a difference through these causes never wavers.

What happens if I haven’t chosen a cause?

Not choosing a cause means missing out on directing funds to make a meaningful impact. Your selection plays a crucial role in ensuring that the surplus from lower-than-expected claims goes to a good cause. It's a simple yet powerful way to contribute to change. Remember, every choice makes a difference — make sure to make yours count!