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Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers you for loss or damage to your vehicle that is caused by hijacking, theft, hail, storms, fire, lightning, explosion, and malicious or accidental damage. You are also covered for third-party liability.

What is not covered under comprehensive car insurance?

Every insurer has their own specific rules in terms of what they will and won’t cover, so it's best to check. However, the most common things your comprehensive car insurance policy will not cover are:

  • General wear and tear;
  • Electrical breakdowns or failures;
  • Anything that would traditionally be covered under a warranty or service plan;
  • Damage that was caused because you were reckless;
  • Damage that was not sudden and unforeseen;
  • Any pre-existing damage;
  • If you were dishonest at any stage you might not be covered;
  • Damage caused while you were under the influence; or
  • Personal belongings in your car.

What’s the difference between comprehensive and third-party liability insurance?

Third-party liability is the most basic and affordable car

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