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Validation is the process carried out by an insurance agent to determine or verify whether a claim that you have submitted on your insurance policy is true or correct. This process involves getting a cost estimate for the repair/replacement cost of the item you are claiming for.

How long does validation take?

Validation usually takes between 8 and 10 working days from start to finish. To speed up the process, be sure to provide any requested information as soon as you can.

Under what circumstances might my insurance claim not be paid?

If your premiums are not up to date for the month, your insurer will insist that the outstanding balance is settled before they will consider any claim. Some other possible reasons your claim will not be considered could be:

  • If the cost of the repairs or replacement is less than your excess;
  • If you’re claiming for a loss or damage that happened before you bought insurance;
  • If the event that caused the damage is not covered;
  • If the loss or damage happened while you were involved in an illegal activity;
  • If you lied when you took out your policy or when you reported the claim; or
  • If you cancelled your cover before the loss or damage happened.

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