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Naked app

The Naked app is our easy-to-use insurance app that puts you in control of your cover.

Where can I get the Naked app?

Get the iOS app on the App Store or the Android app on the Play Store.

Why should I download the Naked app?

You can buy cover 24/7 on the app or the web. However, you need to download the Naked app to do your selfie (pre-inspection) and activate your cover. You then have total control over your policy on the app and can see exactly what you are covered for, including being able to produce your own confirmation of cover for your bank. The app is also where you submit your claims, call for roadside assistance or save money by using CoverPause when you are not driving.

What changes can I make directly on the Naked app?

You can manage your cover directly on the app – for example, you can change your excess, address or regular driver, add/remove the option for car hire to your car insurance policy, add/remove geyser cover on your home insurance policy, change the bank card you’d like to pay with, download a “confirmation of cover” letter, and more. You can also generate yourself a unique link on the app and earn money for referring a friend to Naked.

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