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Natural disaster

A natural disaster refers to a catastrophic event that happens as a result of a natural phenomenon such as a flood, tsunami, earthquake, or hurricane. Natural disasters cause a lot of damage and/or loss of life.

Does my insurance cover natural disasters?

Luckily, the havoc that Mother Nature can cause through natural disasters like strong winds, floods, hailstorms, earthquakes and fires are covered by insurance companies’ comprehensive car and home policies. But it’s always best to check your policy to make sure you have the cover that you need.

What happens if I can’t live in my home after a natural disaster?

From a building and/or contents insurance perspective, the first thing to do is to report a claim to your insurer so that they can start the process of getting your home back to the state it was in before the disaster. If you still have a mortgage on your home, you should also call your bank to let them know what happened. Most building insurance policies will also include a benefit where your insurer will help you find a place to stay and cover the cost of this for a pre-stated price and/or period.

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