Insurance Encyclopaedia


Being liable generally results in you owing something to someone. In insurance terms, being liable means that you are being held financially responsible for damages to someone’s property or for causing bodily injury.

When might I be liable to someone?

You will usually be held liable if you were negligent in some way. Here are some examples: • If you do not close the gate to your property and your dog gets out and bites a person in the street, you could be held liable for the medical expenses of the person. • If you leave the tap in your bathroom running and the flat underneath you suffers from water damage the landlord may hold you liable for the repairs. • If you accidentally drive into a robot at an intersection the municipality might hold you liable for the repairs. • If you pull away at a robot and fail to notice that the car in front of you has not moved, you will most likely be liable for repairing the damages to their car.

How does my personal liability insurance help if a third party holds me liable?

Personal liability insurance provides you with financial protection when someone holds you liable for damages to their stuff or if you caused them bodily injury.