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Malicious damage

Malicious damage is damage caused to one person’s property on purpose by another person. For example, if someone deliberately scratches your car with keys or kicks a dent in your car door.

What excess will apply if my car is maliciously damaged?

Usually your full excess will apply if your car is maliciously damaged. This is the same excess as when you have an accident or if your car gets stolen. Best to check your policy wording to be 100% sure.

How do I go about claiming for malicious damage from my insurer?

The first step after your car has been maliciously damaged would be to report the incident to the police within 24 hours and to get a police case number. Next, contact your insurer about the incident through an app, an online portal or via a phone call. From there your insurer will let you know what the next steps are.

What is usually not covered by my car insurance?

  • General wear and tear;
  • Electrical breakdowns and failures;
  • Any damage that was not sudden and unforeseen;
  • Any damage caused by reckless or callous behaviour, like deliberately driving into a tree;
  • Anything that would traditionally be covered by your service or warranty plan; and
  • Any damage you had before you insured the car.

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