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Naked Difference

The Naked Difference aims to remove the conflict of interest inherent to the traditional insurer-policyholder relationship. It means if Naked pays less in claims than we expected, rather than going to our bottom line, the excess funds go to causes chosen by our clients.

How does the Naked Difference work?

When you see or hear “Naked Difference”, Corporate Social Investment might be what comes to mind. But it shouldn’t. We take a flat fee upfront to cover running costs and profit. The rest of the money goes towards claims, with leftover premiums at the end of the year paid to causes that our clients choose. This is different from other insurers, who take the leftover money as profit: we’ve removed the conflict of interest completely. This is the Naked Difference and it changes everything about insurance.

How do I select my Naked Difference cause?

Once you have bought cover with Naked, you can choose your cause by tapping on your personal profile on the app. Then tap on “Your cause” and pick the one you feel the most passionate about. Remember this does not cost you anything, it is just something we do to make insurance work the way it’s supposed to.

How do I nominate a Naked Difference cause?

Just pop us a mail at and tell us the following:

  • The name of the cause
  • Why you believe they will be a good Naked Difference partner and how you are associated with them
  • Their website if they have one
  • Their contact number

What are the Naked Difference causes I can select?

There are currently more than 13 causes that you can pick from:

  • Choc
  • ForAfrika
  • U-turn
  • Kolisi Foundation
  • Door of Hope
  • Cotlands
  • Greenpop
  • Life Choices Academy
  • Christel House
  • Oscars Arc
  • Jozi Trails
  • Good Morning Angels

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