Insurance Encyclopaedia

Accidental damage

Accidental damage refers to genuine accidents; where the damage was caused by an unforeseen event that happened unexpectedly and which was not done on purpose.

What’s an example of accidental damage?

Let’s say that you’re washing the dishes while grooving a bit too hard to a few jams, and your phone goes for a swim in the sink. Or it might be that your child kicks a ball in the house sending your TV screen to the ground.

Is accidental damage automatically included in my cover?

Accidental damage is usually not included in contents cover, but rather something you add as an optional extra.

What is not covered by accidental damage?

Even if you have accidental damage included in your cover, some things might still not be covered like: • Damage caused by your pets; • Defective design or workmanship; • General wear and tear; or • Damage caused while you were doing repairs or alterations to your home. It’s best to always carefully check your policy wording to understand what is not covered.

Does Naked automatically cover accidental damage?

At Naked, everything in your home is covered for any weather-related events, theft, and fire. But accidental damage caused by you or anyone living under your roof is not covered, unless the item is specified in ‘Items over R5,000’.