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An insurance quote is an estimate on how much your premium would cost each month for either car, home contents, household or single item insurance.

How long will my car insurance quote remain valid for?

Usually a quote will remain valid for a period of 30 days but it is always best to check with the specific insurer that provided the quote.

How should I buy car insurance?

First you decide what level of cover you need. This could range from full comprehensive cover to third party-only cover. Then, make sure you get a couple of binding quotes from different insurers and also be sure to read reviews on each of them. Finally, compare the quotes and make sure you understand the specifics of the cover and how these vary between the providers. Be on the lookout for the level of your excess, additional excesses, waiting periods or initial activation fees.

How can I switch my insurance?

If you’re switching insurers you will need to cancel your policy with your current insurer. However, the first step would be to find your alternative provider and to get a binding quote from them. Then you need to chat to your current insurer so that you cancel just before your new cover starts. You don’t want to be driving without any cover in place, but you also don’t want to pay double for your insurance.

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