Insurance Encyclopaedia


A pre-inspection (or selfie in Naked terms) is when you have to show your insurer the item that you have insured. This can be through physically taking the item to an inspection centre or by taking photos or a video of the item and submitting it to your insurer.

Why do I need to do a pre-inspection?

The main reasons are to make sure that the item you insured actually exists, to jot down any current damage on the item like scratches, dents or cracked glass and to get the exact detail of the item for example the VIN number on your car or the serial number of your laptop.

How long do I have to submit my pre-inspection?

For certain types of covers like cell phones, electronics and jewellery you may have to submit your pre-inspection before the cover can start. On car insurance, you usually have a couple of days. The practice varies from insurer to insurer so it's best to check.

What happens if I do not submit my pre-inspection?

If the pre-inspection is required for the cover to start you do not have any cover. On covers where you have a specific window to do the pre-inspection, like car insurance, your cover would usually be downgraded to third party only if you do not submit it in time. This would mean you do not have cover for things like theft or accidents. In this event you should be notified by your insurer.