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Naked is the new way to cover your stuff – insurance you control, instantly, without speaking to a call centre.

Why are Naked's prices game-changing?

The technology and automation that lets you switch insurance in minutes is also the source of the savings that result in lower premiums.

What makes Naked different?

The Naked Difference is what makes us really different. Unlike traditional insurers, Naked charges a transparent, fixed percentage of premiums. Our flat fee means that our income doesn’t depend on how much we pay out in claims, so we have no reason to make claiming difficult. When claims are low, premiums left over at the end of the year go to causes our customers care about, supporting positive change in South African communities, rather than growing insurance company profits.

What types of insurance can I buy through Naked?

Naked currently offers comprehensive cover for your car, homes and contents. You also have the ability to buy cover for single items like cell phones, laptops, your PlayStation or anything else you really value, on a standalone basis.