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An assessor is someone who assesses a claim after it has been submitted to the insurance company.

What role does an assessor play in an insurance company?

Once you have made a claim for damage or loss, your insurance company will appoint an assessor to take a more detailed look at the claim. They will:

  • Determine the monetary cost of the loss or damage
  • Determine whether the loss or damage is covered under your policy
  • If it is covered, they will make sure that you initially bought enough cover. If you are underinsured, the assessor will apply average to your claim.

Why would my claim be rejected?

Some common reasons your insurer might repudiate or reject your claim could include:

  • If the cost of the repairs are less than your excess;
  • If you’re claiming for damage that happened before you bought insurance;
  • If the event that caused the damage is not covered by your policy;
  • If you were involved in an illegal activity;
  • If you lied when you took out your policy or when you reported the claim; or
  • If you cancelled your cover before the damage happened.

Also, if your premiums are not up to date for the month, your insurer will insist that the outstanding balance is settled before they will consider any claim.

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