4 new causes to benefit from the Naked Difference

When claims are lower than expected, we don't benefit – communities do. Here’s a look at the new causes we’ve added to the Naked Difference.

Last year was hard for most people, to say the least. That’s why we’re so grateful that we were able to contribute around a quarter of a million rand to the six causes that our clients chose through the Naked Difference. This year we are even more grateful and excited to expand our reach and support further worthy causes in South Africa.

What is the Naked Difference?

The Naked Difference ensures that when claims are lower than expected, we don't benefit – our clients’ causes do. We take a flat fee off their premiums and put the rest aside to pay claims. If there are fewer claims than we expect, we donate the excess money to causes chosen by our clients instead of keeping it as profit. Our income doesn't depend on how much we pay out in claims, meaning we can focus on providing great insurance to our clients as well as making a positive difference in their communities.

Last year, we had the privilege of supporting Greenpop, Oscars Arc, Door of Hope, Cotlands, and Christel House. You can read more about what these causes did with their payments here.

In 2021, we plan on making an even bigger Difference.

New Naked Difference causes

Our clients asked and we listened. Many of you got in touch with us to suggest more causes that we can add to the Naked Difference. We’re very excited to be able to extend our help to victims of gender-based violence, childhood cancer patients, and feeding schemes.

Here’s some info on the amazing work that these new Naked Difference causes do: