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The no-discount, all-discount insurance. Really.


Benefits and discounts from your insurance company may give you that ‘winning feeling’, but a purely transparent insurance premium may give you the ultimate victory. Here’s how.

It should come as no surprise that as human beings, we’re always on the lookout for a good deal. Sales at your favourite clothing store, discounts at the supermarket - something is empowering about finding new ways to save a few bucks. What we may not notice in the background, however, is the retailer subtly marking up prices with the sole intention of lowering them for the ‘sales’ that we so desperately crave.

Insurance discounts

Insurers can play this game too. Have you ever heard a call centre agent saying “If this premium is too high, maybe I can talk to my manager about dropping it a bit, or giving you some extra benefits?” They know that psychologically you’ll feel as though you’ve won a small victory in getting them to drop their price. They may also give you discounts for installing their preferred tracking device, using their app, joining their platinum club, or, well, using their nominated hairdresser of the week. We’re sure you see where we’re going with this.

Why aren’t these ‘discounts’ or ‘lowered premiums’ offered upfront? If these discounts and lowered premiums are able to keep you covered today, why was the initial amount you were quoted so much higher?

Surely we should be offering our clients the absolute best deal we possibly can instead of an inflated price?

The truth is that none of these discounts and lower premiums are really discounts at all. Many insurers will inflate their prices when they first quote you so that they can make you believe you’re getting a good deal when you’re rewarded with discounts later on. You may feel like the victor in the good old ‘haggle’, but believe us, no one is winning except for the insurance companies.

Savings come standard

At Naked, we’ve built our business so that our clients don’t have to waste their time and energy haggling over prices. We’re encouraging a different kind of relationship with our customers - a relationship based on delivering an insurance product that has our customers’ best interests at heart at the lowest possible price. This means we’ll never discount the price we quote you, because it’s already fully discounted. It’s no-discount, all-discount insurance.

We’re often asked why our quoted premiums are so low. A big part of the reason is the smart use of AI to cut costs and lower fraud. We also cap the fees we can earn from our clients, meaning we can keep your premiums low without losing out. And then there’s the simple fact that our premiums are already fully discounted, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve negotiated hard enough.

At Naked, we’re happy to state that we will never, ever negotiate our premiums. When we quote you a price to join, it is the absolute best we can do.

Why have a relationship with your insurer that relies on haggling and negotiation when you can have one based on transparency, honesty and simply put, a no-discount, all-discount approach to doing what we do best - keeping you covered.


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