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How can you make a difference in 2022? It’s simple. Choose to.


In 2022, we’re giving R700k to causes our Naked clients choose.

Each year, rather than taking unclaimed money as extra profit, we give it to causes that our customers choose. This year, we are excited to announce a Naked Difference payment of R700,000!

As our customer base grows so does our ability to make an impact in the world around us

The Naked Difference currently consists of 20 unique causes – each of which is doing inspiring work to make South Africa a better place. The causes’ missions range from helping underprivileged kids receive necessary cancer treatments, getting homeless people off the streets and into stable jobs, helping four-legged pups find their forever homes, to using dance and creative arts to keep kids occupied after school so that they stay on the right path. We’re really proud to have these causes part of the Naked Difference.

The Naked Difference not only supports communities, it also makes sure your insurance works like you expect it to

Why? The Naked Difference aligns our interests with those of our customers.

The way the traditional business model works is that if less money is paid out in claims, it means more profit for the insurer – so you and your insurer are constantly fighting over the same money.

Naked doesn’t work like that. Instead, we take a flat fee from your premiums – that fee covers our expenses as well as profit. The rest of the premium is pooled in a “pot” and we use that to pay your claims. If there is money left over in that “pot”, it doesn’t go into our back pocket. It gets paid to causes that you choose to support through the Naked Difference.

This means that we’ve removed the link between our profit and the amount paid out in claims. Rather, our profit is dependent on getting people to join Naked and keeping them happy on our platform – just like any other tech company.

This year we are declaring a Naked Difference payment of R700,000

This year’s amount is a bit less than the R815,000 declared in 2021, even though our customer base has grown significantly. The Difference payment varies every year depending on the number of claims we’ve paid out from the claims pot. This year we paid out more claims than expected, mainly due to natural disasters around South Africa, which resulted in a smaller amount left over for the Naked Difference. In other years, like 2021, we might not have any natural disasters, which means fewer claims will be submitted and more money left over for our Naked Difference causes.

Our top priority is always to put you back into the position you were in before you experienced a loss. So, following a tough year of claims for South Africa, we are proud that we were still able to declare a substantial Naked Difference amount.

How can you choose to make a Difference?

If you’re already a client, make sure you choose your cause on the app.

If you’re not a client, you can make a Difference in three simple steps:

  1. Get a final quote on the web or app in 90 seconds.
  2. If you like what you see, choose your start date, add your card details and buy cover.
  3. Pop onto the app and choose a cause you love.

Not only do you get insurance that works as you expect, but you also contribute positively to the community around you. And the coolest thing? It does not cost you a cent as it is baked into how we do things – you’ll probably find that you’ll save some money on your insurance!


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