**Jewellery** Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Lost your sparkle? Our jewellery insurance has got you covered, from your favourite necklace to that 'I said yes!' ring!

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What is jewellery insurance and what does it cover?

Theft and loss

Ever worried about losing your favourite necklace or ring? We’ve got you covered, ensuring you can shine without the worry.

Accidental damage

Scratches or stones falling out can happen, especially with pieces you wear every day. Relax, we handle those repairs.

Worldwide coverage

Whether you’re attending a wedding in Wales or a gala in Geneva, your jewels are protected wherever your celebrations take you.

How do I insure my jewellery?

Chat with Rose, our virtual assistant, to get a personalized jewellery insurance quote.

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A few clicks online to answer some simple questions, and you’re on track.

Customise your insurance excess and start date for your jewellery insurance

Customise your insurance

Choose what suits you—cover types, excess amounts, and even the policy start date.

Get cover instantly after supplying your card details and making the final purchase.

Cover your gems instantly

Happy with the quote? Just enter your payment details and consider your jewels protected!

Get my jewellery insurance price

Some questions you might have about jewellery insurance

Can I insure individual pieces, like an engagement ring?

Certainly! Special pieces like engagement rings deserve special care. Tell us about your ring, and we'll tailor the cover to ensure your engagement sparkles are as secure as your promise.

How much does jewellery insurance cost?

The cost depends on the value of your jewellery and a few other things, but getting a quote is as simple as pie. Just click “Get my price” to see your options in less than a minute—no calls necessary.

How much should you insure your jewellery for?

It’s best to insure your items at their current replacement value. If it’s a vintage or unique piece, ensure it's appraised correctly, by a jeweller, to reflect its true worth in today’s market.

Want to know more? Our comprehensive guide on jewellery and engagement ring insurance is just a click away.