**Bicycle** Insurance

Bicycle Insurance

Just like life, cycling comes with its ups and downs. Bicycle insurance can help.

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What does bicycle insurance cover?

Theft and vandalism

As much as it sucks, we'll cover you if your bike is stolen or vandalised.

Damage from accidents

Whether you collide with a vehicle or if you fall and your bike gets damaged, we'll cover it.

Anywhere in the world

You're covered if your bike gets busted while you're exploring cities around the world.

How do I insure my bicycle?

Chat with Rose, our virtual assistant, to get a personalized bicycle insurance quote.

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Get a quote for your bicycle by answering a few questions all on the app.

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Pick your excess and set your policy start date, right on the app.

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Get my bicycle insurance price

Some common q's about bicycle insurance

How much does bicycle insurance cost?

The cost to insure your bicycle will depend on how much it would cost to replace your bicycle. The good thing is that you don’t have to phone us to find out; grab an insurance quote for your bicycle in under 30 seconds by clicking on “Get my price” below!

How much should you insure your bicycle for?

The golden rule is to insure it for what it would cost to buy new today. If the model of your bicycle is no longer sold, then insure it for the price of a similar one. If it’s custom-built, make sure you’re considering the price of every individual part.

Can I insure my bicycle accessories or custom parts?

Absolutely! If you have custom parts that are built into your bike, you should include the replacement cost of these when telling Rose what it would cost to replace your bicycle. As for accessories, you can buy separate policies for your helmet, shoes, lights, sunglasses, etc.

We've written this piece which explains bicycle insurance in depth if you want more info.