Insurance Encyclopaedia

Market value

Your car's market value is the value you’d sell your car for if you were to sell it privately. Things like your service history, the mileage on the car, or how old the car is are taken into consideration.

What value is my car insured for?

The value your car is insured for will vary between insurers but the three most common values from highest to lowest are: • Retail: the average amount that a car dealership would sell your car for. • Market: the amount that you would sell your car for if you were to sell it privately. • Trade-in: the amount a car dealership would pay you for your car if you were to trade it in.

What value will my classic car be insured for?

For classic cars, your insurer would generally ask you to provide them with the value you want to insure your car for. This would usually require you to get a valuation from a car dealership. Your car will then be insured for that amount.

Why does my car depreciate in value over time?

Your car will start losing value as soon as you drive it off the showroom floor. This is mainly because of wear and tear, but also because new models are released regularly, meaning the demand for older models goes down, which in turn reduces the resale value of your car.