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A warranty is a limited-time guarantee or promise from the manufacturer of the product you’re purchasing that they will repair or replace the item if there is a manufacturer fault.

If my car is under warranty will it affect my insurance claim?

If your car is still under warranty, which would likely be in the first three years post-sale, this would affect your claims process. When you have a claim during this period, your warranty will usually require that your insurer get an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to do the repairs to ensure that your warranty remains in place.

If my car breaks while in warranty will my insurer cover it?

Anything that would be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, service or motor plan won’t be covered by your insurance company. This will still apply even if your warranty or service plan has expired.

Can I activate my car hire benefit if my car breaks down?

You can usually only activate your car hire benefit from your insurer if you are unable to drive your car because something, that is covered under your policy, happens to it. For example, if it is at the panel beater for repairs after an accident or if it has been stolen or written off.

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