#HolidayHack: Not driving this December? Ditch your accident cover and save.

If your car is parked during the holidays, paying for full accident cover doesn't really make sense, does it? We agree! That's why our special CoverPause feature is perfect for these times, saving you up to 50% on premiums.

As we approach the holiday season, many of us look forward to a well-deserved break. Whether you're travelling abroad, embarking on a road trip, or simply relaxing at home, it's the perfect time to save money where it makes sense – like on your car insurance. We bet you’re thinking, “But how, Naked? HOW?”. Boy, oh boy, do we have a button on our app you’re going to love.

When you buy comprehensive car insurance with us, you manage everything about your cover on the app, including the ability to pause the accident portion of your cover. Using our CoverPause feature means we’ll refund you up to 50% of your premium for days when your car is parked for 24 hours or longer. You’re still covered for things that can go wrong while your car is parked – things like Mother Nature causing damage or another car reversing into yours.

Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of this fancy button

1. Timing is everything

Maximise your savings by timing when you pause and resume your accident cover. Remember, you only benefit from a full day's saving if your cover is paused for the entire 24 hours, from midnight to midnight. Planning to relax over the weekend? Hit pause on Friday night and resume on Monday morning to get a complete weekend of savings.

2. Use this trick if you have multiple cars

If you have more than one car insured with Naked, and you need to briefly resume cover, choose the car with the lowest premium. This smart strategy helps reduce your overall expenses while still keeping your car protected.

3. Set reminders for holiday travels

Going away for a while? It's easy to forget about your car insurance amidst the excitement. Set a reminder on your phone to resume your cover when you're back. This small step makes sure you're always covered when you hit the road again.

4. Park smart

Whether your car is parked at home or in a public place, take these extra precautions:

At home: Put your car keys in a secure spot to prevent sticky fingers from finding them and driving off with your car.

In public places: Keep your car safe and sound by parking it in safe, secure spots, far from busy areas and stuff that could damage it – like falling trees or golf ball-sized-hail. Go as far as parking close to the security guard’s line of sight, or their actual office, or their surveillance camera.

TIP: If you’re driving to a holiday destination where you and your car plan on parking off, make sure the family knows that the accident cover is paused in case they quickly want to run out and grab some more mince pies or something…

5. Spread the word and earn more than just your CoverPause savings

While enjoying your holiday, spread the good news! Tell your friends and family that you’re saving up to 50% on your car insurance, and share your referral link to help them get Naked and you’ll be earning more than just your savings from CoverPause. We pay up to R1,000 per referral.

P.S. We’ve paid over R2-million in referral fees to date. Feel free to share this year-round money-saving tip with everyone you know 😉.