7 easy ways to get the best insurance quote

Our top tips to help you get the best premium.

1. First, shop around and read online reviews

Don't settle for the first insurance quote that lands in your inbox. Do a bit of research on who the various insurers are and what their track record looks like. Google, Hellopeter and even Facebook have reviews which can help you form an opinion about each company.

2. Compare your quotes

Remember to always compare apples with apples and use the same ID number for all the quotes. Make sure things like the excess, any additional excesses, the value your car is insured for, waiting periods, car hire and regular drivers are the same on all the quotes you compare.

3. Look at how easy it is for you to make changes

Life changes. You buy new things. You upgrade your car. You move house. It’s much easier to have insurance that allows you to make changes to your policy quickly. If ease and simplicity are what you want, you should find out how easy it is for you to change your address, cover a new car, or update the sum insured of your contents.

TIP: Naked has a feature called CoverPause that allows you to pause your cover whenever you’re not driving. Whether you’re heading away for the weekend or only use one car between you and your partner, you can save up to 50% on your cover.

4. See if you can bundle your covers

If you already have home contents with one insurer, it might make sense to get a car insurance quote from the same company. It could save you admin and sometimes some money. Otherwise a good place to start is to gather as many quotes as you can from other insurers to compare costs and coverage.

5. Play around with your excess

A lower excess means a higher premium, and higher excess means a lower premium. It’s all about finding the sweet spot between what you can afford to pay at the drop of a hat and what you can afford to pay monthly in premiums.

Also be aware of any additional excesses that might catch you off guard when it comes to claiming.

6. Reduce your risk to save on premiums

If you play your part and keep your stuff safe this will have a direct impact on reducing your premium. Some things you could do would be:

  • Make sure you always park your car in a safe space
  • Make sure your car is always locked
  • Install burglar bars and an alarm at home
  • Put a screen protector on a phone and keep it in a sturdy case

7. Review your policy regularly to get the best deals

Make it a habit to review your policy at least once a year to ensure that your cover is still right for you. It’s also a good idea to increase the total sum insured for your home contents as you’ve likely bought a few new things in the past year. But also remember that some values decrease over time. Check the replacement value of things like your phone and laptop regularly and update your policy accordingly.

When it comes to your insurance premium, there are some factors that you just can’t control, but there are some that you could influence in order to get the best premium possible. Get quotes from a diverse range of insurance providers and do this frequently to make sure you’re getting the best price for a product that suits your needs.

P.S. At Naked, we believe in providing a product that’s easily accessible and affordable. Our tech ensures that we give you the lowest price upfront and allows users to control their policy on the Naked app. See how much you could save on your insurance and get a final quote online in 90 seconds.