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4 new causes to benefit from the Naked Difference


When claims are lower than expected, we don’t benefit – communities do. We’re excited to expand the Naked Difference’s reach and support further worthy causes.

Last year was hard for most people, to say the least. That’s why we’re so grateful that we were able to contribute around a quarter of a million rand to the six causes that our clients chose through the Naked Difference. This year we are even more grateful and excited to expand our reach and support further worthy causes in South Africa.

What is the Naked Difference?

The Naked Difference ensures that when claims are lower than expected, we don't benefit – our clients’ causes do. We take a flat fee off their premiums and put the rest aside to pay claims. If there are fewer claims than we expect, we donate the excess money to causes chosen by our clients instead of keeping it as profit. Our income doesn't depend on how much we pay out in claims, meaning we can focus on providing great insurance to our clients as well as making a positive difference in their communities.

Last year, we had the privilege of supporting Greenpop, Oscars Arc, Door of Hope, Cotlands, and Christel House. You can read more about what these causes did with their payments here.

In 2021, we plan on making an even bigger Difference.

New Naked Difference causes

Our clients asked and we listened. Many of you got in touch with us to suggest more causes that we can add to the Naked Difference. We’re very excited to be able to extend our help to victims of gender-based violence, childhood cancer patients, and feeding schemes.

Here’s some info on the amazing work that these new Naked Difference causes do:


TEARS is a women-led organisation that offers 24-hour, nationwide, confidential support to victims of gender-based violence. They provide victims in need of immediate assistance with a free SMS service that is available to anyone who has a cell phone.

The assistance that TEARS provides is diverse and comprehensive: from help and support to leave a dangerous and abusive relationship, to help in obtaining a Protection Order and opening a police case. Their services also include individual counselling, group/couples counselling, support groups, shelters, medical care, as well as assistance with the police. In 2020, TEARS provided direct support to 94,430 victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse across South Africa. They also reached 44 million people through their public service announcements and education on gender-based violence prevention.

We are so grateful to be able to partner with TEARS and help them help others.

TEARS 24/7 contact line: If you need help, please dial the free helpline number *134*7355#. Should you be in an emergency, select number 2, and the call centre will contact you immediately.


CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is a non-profit organisation that supports children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders. They currently have 1,736 children in their care. CHOC aims to save lives through early cancer detection, but also make the journey of those who are affected by childhood cancer less burdensome for families through comprehensive support programmes.

Many families of children who are diagnosed with cancer do not have the means to get to treatment centres or doctors’ appointments every week. Some families aren’t able to attend the treatment sessions, so CHOC assists these children and their families with professional emotional support, accommodation close to treatment centres, transport to and from the treatment centres, support groups, nutritional support, and they also make sure that the cancer survivors attend their follow-up care.

Cancer affects many South African families and we are glad we can add CHOC to the Naked Difference. Here is CHOC’s contact number: +27 86 111 3500. If you need anything else, just pop onto their website.


ForAfrika is dedicated to helping vulnerable children and communities by providing nutritious meals for them. The organisation feeds children in preschools but it also increases food security in communities by empowering families and individuals through multi-level training and extensive agricultural programmes. At the moment there are 120,000 children benefiting from ForAfrika’s feeding programmes.

ForAfrika’s programmes are developed with sustainability in mind, to not only meet the individual’s immediate needs but to also transform the landscape of the community for good. Their programmes include feeding, general food distribution, water and sanitation, livelihood support and agricultural development.

ForAfrika is passionate about building a South Africa without vulnerable people – especially the young.

The Kolisi Foundation

The Kolisi Foundation was founded by power couple Siya and Rachel Kolisi, and has a vision to “change narratives of inequality in South Africa”. The foundation seeks to support people living in under-resourced communities in South Africa by focusing on three core programmatic areas: food security, sports and education development, and gender-based violence.

Rachel and Siya’s motto for the Kolisi Foundation is that every small act matters and that by “remembering the one, one by one”, they will impact the nation.

The Kolisi Foundation actively supports community kitchens and school nutritional programmes, running GBV advocacy and awareness campaigns alongside their Power2You Pack initiative, plus developing various projects focusing on enhancing sports and education infrastructure in under-resourced communities.

The Naked Difference allows you to make a Difference without taking money out of your pocket – all you have to do is switch your insurance to Naked and select a cause that connects with you on the Naked app.


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